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Upgrade your skill level and widen your artistic horizon!

This course is for all who love cats, for those who admire their personality and attitude.

BASIC package for self study 


6 video lessons
9+ hours of detailed video tutorials
5 paintings
6+ practical exercises

Video access:  
Lifetime for self-studying

What this course gives you?

You will study the anatomy of cats.

You will practice a la Semi e style of fast sketching.

You will practice painting the cat’s expressive eyes, expressions and moods.

You will study Ala Prima technique using only your brush (without a pencil sketch).

You will experiment with the colour palette to create the illusion of fluffy fur.

You will finish at least five large paintings plus a lots of practical exercises.

What is in the course?

This course contains:

6 video lessons

9+ hours of detailed edited video tutorials

6+ practical exercises

5 final paintings

The lesson’s list:

Access to the support materials and references opens on March 18, 2022

Access to the lessons content opens on March 22, 2022

Lesson 1
Anatomy of Cat

Lesson 2

Lesson 3
Soft Kitten

Lesson 4
Happy Kitten

Lesson 5
Grumpy Kitten

Lesson 6
Angry Kitten

Student’s work

Coming soon

Materials that I am going to use during the course;

This list is only for your information, there is no need to get exactly what I am using:

Drawing paper, any type, a few sheets per class;

Watercolour paper, per class:

  • Strathmore, 400 series, 300 g/m2, couple sheets;

Watercolour brushes;
- Round # 10-12, # 6 and # 2; Escoda  or Dainayw;

-  calligraphy brush (recommended);

- flat synthetic brushes: 3/4 and 11/2 or larger (Grumbacher, Santa Fe Art Supply, Connoisseur ) 

- Liner brush (Princeton, Artist’s Loft)


Watercolour paint:

This is the list what I am going to use during this course:

Lemon yellow (optional) or any light yellow, Daniel Smith

Cadmium Yellow, Daniel Smith

Yellow Ochre, Daniel Smith

Buff Titanium (optional), Daniel Smith; or you can mix Ochre and Neutral Tint

Quinacridone Gold or Quinacridone Rust or Burnt Sienna, Daniel Smith

Transparent Orange, Schmincke

Indian Red, HWC (optional)

Quinacridone Red, Daniel Smith / Carmine, Daniel Smith

Cobalt Blue, Daniel Smith

Cerulean Blue, Van Gogh  

Ultramarine, Van Gogh

Burnt Umber, Daniel Smith

Neutral Tint, Schminske

Payne’s Grey, Van Gogh


White Gouache 


White pen, Gelly Roll, 08, Sakura, Japan


COPIC White Opaque (gives you the best result)


Sea sponge;


Watercolour plexiglass board (any plastic board that the wet paper will stick to); You can use any smooth surface board big enough to place your paper on it; glass, mirror, flat baking sheet;


Watercolour palette with a large surface for mixing pigments.  Alternatively, you can use a white ceramic plate;


A Pencil 3H and 2B and Eraser;


Water spray;


Two large jars for water;


Paper towels and Kleenex;


Hair dryer.

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