Flowers. Watercolour course for intermediate level.

Beautiful course for those who want to take their skills to the next level.

Upgrade your skill level and widen your artistic horizon!

You will learn a few technical secrets and how to use masking liquid and why.
You will practise how to make a value illusion and absolutely realistic painting.
You will experiment how to join or separate the background and flowers.
You will get comfortable with the colour chaos and how to use it to create a beautiful background.

What does this course give to you?

In this course you will learn to create multilayered spaces using negative wash and multi-layered wash techniques. You will learn how to use your own photo references to create very detailed paintings.

You will finish at least five large paintings plus practical exercises.

Materials you will need for this course:

List of lessons:

Lesson 1. Types of watercolour painting. Special effects.

In the first lesson you will play with different conditions of paper and watercolour paint to discover four combinations of their mixes.

You will experimenting with special effects using some ingredients from your kitchen pantry. You will learn how to apply masking liquid.

Lesson 2. Daisy.

In this lesson you will be experimenting with masking liquid effects.

The masking liquid is a very helpful “gadget” that you can use to make your painting process easier and faster.

Lesson 3. Negative space. Multilayered wash. Wild Rose.

In this lesson you will study the negative space and you will practice multilayered washes.

You will experiment with different colour combinations to set up the mood, temperature and atmosphere in your paintings.

Lesson 4. Alternative wash. Orchid.

In this lesson you will have fun by blowing and spraying coloured puddles to create background splash effects!

Lesson 5. Flower portrait. Pansy

In this lesson you will paint a portrait of a Pansy. You will work in Ala Prima to create the most realistic look of the petals.

You will use the “wet-on-wet” technique to create an unfocused effect of the background.

Lesson 6. Flower portrait. Rose.

In the final lesson of this course you will create the portrait of a gorgeous rose Violet’s Pride from the Downton Abbey Collection.

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Immediate accesses to all support materials and video tutorials for self study.


LIFETIME access.

6 classes
32 videos 
9+ hours of video step-by-step tutorials 
5 technical exercises
5 final paintings


Everything in BASIC plus 90 days of teacher support with weekly homework review.


LIFETIME access.

6 classes
32 videos 
9+ hours of video step-by-step tutorials 
5 technical exercises
5 final paintings
6 homework reviews (text or video)   

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