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Mini course designed for those who want to extend their watercolour skills while painting these beautiful and powerful roses.

The Queen of the Garden

BASIC package for self-study

Immediate accesses to all support materials and video tutorials for self study



5 workshops
6+ hours of video step-by-step tutorials 
Study of Rose anatomy
4 final paintings

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What is in the course?

This course contains five lessons. Each lessons materials provide a reference photo for your inspiration, a template and a full detailed video tutorial that you can watch over and over again. You will study the shapes and line of the rose, and you will paint four Rose’s portrait.

Lesson 1

The anatomy of roses

In this lesson you will study the shapes and lines of the rose. You will do a pencil sketch.

Video tutorial 21 min

Lesson 2

Pink Rose

In this lesson you will paint beautiful and delicate rose. You will practice simple and infusion washes.

Video tutorial 70 min


Lesson 3

White Rose

In this lesson you will paint a transparent and fragile rose. You will practice simple and multi layer washes.

Video tutorial 124 min

Lesson 4

Yellow Rose

In this lesson you will paint bright and colourful rose. You will practice infusion washes with analogous colours.

Video tutorial 60 min

Lesson 5

Purple Rose

In this lesson you will paint a gorgeous purple rose. You will practice to create the 3D shape illusion working with different tones and shades.

Video tutorial 62 min

Student’s work:

Materials and tools:

Materials and tools: / Recommendation:

Watercolour Paper  (100% cotton preferable) 1 sheet; /Arches, Paul Rubens

Drawing paper, a few sheets for the flower’s anatomy study / Any quality

Pencils HB and 3H /Any quality

Eraser, kneading one is preferable /Any quality

Round brush, size small/ Calligraphy brush

Flat synthetic brush, 3/4”  /Escoda

Detail brush, 2mm (optional) / Escoda

Watercolour board / Any card stock

Artistic tape /  Any white or beige

Hair dryer

Two jars with water

Paper towels

Watercolour paints:

Colours:  /Recommendations:
Light Yellow  / Lemon Yellow, Daniel Smith
Orange  / Transparent Orange (optional), Schmincke
Bright Pink  /Opera Pink, Daniel Smith
Red  /Quinacridone red (optional), Daniel Smith
Dark Pink  /Quinacridone Pink, Daniel Smith
Black Pink /Dusk Pink, Van Gogh
Purple Violet / Permanent Magenta, Daniel Smith
Violet (optional) / Mineral Violet, Daniel Smith
Dark Violet (optional)  / Shadow Violet, Daniel Smith
Light Blue / Cerulean, Van Gogh
Light Turquoise (optional)  /Cobalt Teal, Daniel Smith
Lilac (optional)  /Lavender Blue, Daniel Smith
Blue   / Ultramarine, Van Gogh
Black Blue  / Indigo, Grumbacher (optional)
Bright green   /  Gold Green, Daniel Smith or May Green, Daniel Smith
Green (optional)  /Sap Green, Daniel Smith
Olive Green (optional)  / Olive green, Van Gogh
Dark Green   / Undersea Green, Daniel Smith
Black Green  / Dusk Yellow, Van Gogh

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