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Interactive online workshop for all levels of watercolour skills.

Aurora Borealis

In this workshop you will be practising the Ala Prima technique and you will be experimenting with infusing washes.

BASIC package for online interactive workshop.
Lifetime access to 1 hour 25 minutes detailed video tutorial.

Student work

The student’s work gallery is coming soon.

Recommended materials and tools:

⁃ watercolour paper (100% cotton is RECOMMENDED) - 1 sheet

⁃ printer paper for a photo reference (optional)

⁃ flat brushes, one big and one medium
- soft round brushes, one big and one small and liner

⁃ pencil and eraser
⁃ hair dryer
⁃ gloves (optional)
⁃ six wells palette (or a few ramekins or small flat jars) ⁃ two jars with water

⁃ paper towels a lot
⁃ A  water-resistance board slightly larger than your watercolour paper (plexiglass, glass, mirror, cooking sheet, plastic placemat)

⁃ COPIC Opaque White (or White gouache or White Roll pen)

⁃ Watercolour paint (any quality, preferable in tubes or concentrated in jars) Colours:
Any light blue
Any light green

Any turquoise

Any bright blue

Any dark blue

Any dark grey

Any red



Materials that will be used in the video tutorial:

Watercolour paper Arches, 300g/m2, cold press, 12x16

Soft Flat brush, 2”, squirrel hair Flat brush, 3/4”, synthetic, Round, D 13 mm, squirrel hair Round, D 5mm, wolf hair
Liner 30, synthetic

Cerulean Blue, Van Gogh

Turquoise, M.Graham
Turquoise Blue, Dr.Ph.Martins

Cobalt Teal Blue, Daniel Smith

Blue Aqua, Dr.Ph.Martins

Viridian Green, Dr.Ph.Martins

Royal Blue, HWC Holbein

Ultramarine Blue, M.Graham

Ultramarine, Van Gogh
French Ultramarine, Daniel Smith

Indigo, HWC Holbein
Payne’s Grey, Van Gogh

Permanent Red, Daniel Smith

Neutral Tint, Van Gogh

COPIC Opaque White

A plexiglass board

Pencil HB

Two jars with water

Six wells palette Paper towels


Hair dryer




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