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The sunflower is the National flower of Ukraine

Up to March 13th, 2022 we together have collected almost $800 CDN


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Suitable for beginner to intermediate level.

In this workshop you will create a beautiful composition of sunflowers. First you will play with colourful puddles to create a background for your drawing. Then, you will draw free hand flower silhouettes based on your background pattern.

You will be given an option to trace a template in pencil before you start the watercolour background.

Get inspired by student’s work:

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  • Watercolour paper (any type) - 1 sheet. Sthrathmore 400 series 300gm2 was used for demo
  • printer paper for a photo reference (optional)
  • Any brushes, at least one big and one small
  • Hair dryer
  • Pencil and eraser
  • A jar with water
  • Paper towels
  • White Gouache, or White Opaque COPIC, or Bleed Proof White by Dr.Pr.Martins
  • Watercolour paint (any yellow, red or orange)
  • Ink markers at least three sizes: fine, medium and bold. The SAKURA MICRON markers were used for demo; sizes 005, 01 and 08
  • table cloth, old flyers, any paper big enough to protect your working table