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This workshop is free of charge, although you can show your support by donating any amount to the Arnprior & District Humane Society.


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Suitable for beginner to intermediate level

In this workshop you will learn how to create vibrant and beautiful illustrations using alcohol markers.

You will be given an option to trace a template using liner or pencil.

To learn more about alcohol markers check out the video course MARKERS

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How to get access to the tutorial content

Materials that you will need for this workshop; recommendation is the brackets:

Paper, notebook, any size (Canson XL, Mix Media, 160 g, 5,5x8,5);

Plastic sheet the size of your notebook (transparent paper file);

Pencil and eraser, any of your choice;

Black Liner marker, 0,5 mm or smaller (MUJI, 0,38mm) or COPIC Multiliner 0,35

White pen, Gelly Roll, 08, Sakura, Japan


COPIC White Opaque

Small synthetic brush (cheap one)

Watercolour coloured pencils (optional)

Alcohol marker Blender (COPIC any of your choice)

Alcohol markers (COPIC or any of your choice)

The number of colours is up to you, my recommendation is to get at least  the following colours:

  • for snow - light blue and blue
  • for pine tree - three tones of green: light, medium and dark
  • for red balls - three tones of red: pink, red and dark red
  • for car - any colour of your choice, one light and one medium tone
  • for shadows - cool/neutral grey, at least 3-4 tones
  • for pinecones - brown (optional)

My colour palette for COPIC:

For snow: B000; B01

For pine tree: YG03; G07; G21; G28; G99

For balls: RV11; RV29; R37

For car: YR00; YR14

For shadows: C1; C3; C5; C7: C9

For pine cones (optional): E09




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