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This course is about interesting and fascinating media – alcohol markers. You will learn to create vibrant and beautiful illustrations using them.

If you are looking to learn how to use alcohol markers and have fun, then this course is for you!

You can start to create at the first lesson!

BASIC package for self study 


4 video lessons
9+ hours of detailed video tutorials 
9+ drawings
9+ practical exercises

Lifetime video access for self-studying

Why alcohol markers?

Markers provide bright, cheerful, juicy ink flow. They blend almost like paint, yet much easier to use. You don’t need a glass with water, any solvents or special media to make it flow better or dry faster. You don’t need anything else, but your markers.

What is in the course?

In this course you will learn to create beautiful and cheerful illustrative style drawings that you can use for posters or post cards.

You will become familiar with the different types of markers, their specifications and characteristics.

You will learn five techniques how to seamlessly blend colours.

You will introduced to secrets about how to create special effects.

You will learn how to make a value illusion of the subjects, how to make your illustrations look realistic.

The online study process will be simple, stress free and understandable for every student.

There will be many exercises that will help you to become confident in the illustrative style.

The lesson’s list

Lesson 1

Basic Blending techniques. Cherry.

Lesson 2

Value and shapes. Food sketch.

Lesson 3

Beautiful colour transition. Leaf.

Lesson 4

Composition. Theme postcards.

Flexible payment plan

Student’s work

Materials that you will need for this course; recommendation is the brackets:

Paper, notebook, any size (Canson XL, Mix Media, 160 g, 5,5x8,5);

Plastic sheet the size of your notebook (transparent paper file);

Pencil and eraser, any of your choice;

Black Liner marker, 0,5 mm or smaller (MUJI, 0,38mm)

White pen, Gelly Roll, 08, Sakura, Japan


COPIC White Opaque

Isoproryl Rubbing Alcohol 

Small synthetic brush (cheap one)

Watercolour coloured pencils (optional)

Alcohol marker Blender (COPIC any of your choice)

Alcohol markers (COPIC or any of your choice)

The number of colours is up to you, my recommendation is to get at least two-three tones of the following colours:

  • yellow (light yellow, medium yellow, dark yellow)
  • orange (light orange, medium orange, dark orange)
  • red (light red, medium red, dark red)
  • pink (light pink, medium pink, dark pink)
  • green (light green, medium green, dark green)
  • blue (light blue, medium blue, dark blue)
  • brown (light brown, medium brown, dark brown)


three - six tones of Grey colour.

For example, in the Copic lines they named as Cool Grey 00, Cool Grey 01, Gool Grey 03, Cool Grey 05, Cool Grey 07 and Cool Grey 09.

As well, they have the same tonal gradation with Warm Grey.

You can get both sets.  Although for beginning it might be enough to get either Warm or Cool Grey set of markers. You can get 3-6 tones of Cool Grey or 3-6 tomes of Warm Grey.



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