Northern Landscape. Watercolour course. STUDIO PLUS BEGINNERS. March 19, 2024 @ 10 AM EST

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If you admire beauty and clearness of Northern Landscapes.
If you want to learn how to use a minimum colour palette.

Then this course is for you!

The course takes place at Ottawa Valley Art Studio, based in Ontario, Canada. Located 5 minutes drive from Arnprior Canadian Tire and Pakenham Public Library, 15 min from Burnstown, 25-30 min from Kanata (Ottawa), Renfrew and Calabogie.

Art studio is fully equipped. Space is limited to 6 students. Minimum 3 students are required to run the course.

Modest Minimalism of the Northern Landscape

The 6 week in-studio “Northern Landscapes” course covers the basics of the watercolour technique Ala Prima. You will learn step by step how to work with the intriguing and unpredictable media of Watercolour. You will learn how to feel the “power” of your brushes. How to be brave and more confident with them. You will become familiar with Ala Prima and wet-on-wet watercolour painting techniques. You will understand how to create beautiful and simple landscapes using minimum colours on your palette. There will be a lots of exercise that will help you to become confident in landscape painting.

By the end of this course you will have at least 6 finished paintings along with many exercises.

What does this course give you?

How to make clean and cloudless washes.
How to mix the colour and how to control their flow into each other.
How to recognize the value and tone of the colours.
How to make your painting look balanced.

You will learn how important the quality and type of brushes and paper used for watercolour painting.

You will get access to all references and templates immediate to your purchase. Please print them or make sure that they will be available at your device(s) for use during the class.

Package STUDIO PLUS BEGINNERS for in-person studying with full teacher support

Duration: 6 weeks
Start Tuesday March 19, 2024

Time: 10 AM - 12 PM EST

6 in-person 2 hour classes with full teaches support
in-person homework review
9+ technical exercises
6+ final paintings


Lifetime access to video course NORTHERN LANDSCAPE

6 video lessons 
12+ hours of video tutorials
9+ practical exercises
6 final paintings

What is in the course:

Lesson 1

March 19, 2024 @ 10 AM EST

Brush work

This class is all about practice to get comfortable with your brushes, strokes and washes. You will learn what type of watercolour paper are available on market and what result you can achieve with them.

Lesson 2

March 26, 2024 @ 10 AM EST

Even and gradation washes. Two tones landscape and seascape

This class is about how to prepare your watercolour paper for the best result to get the most even and flawless gradation washes. You will learn how to use only two tones to create fast sketches.

Lesson 3

April 2, 2024 @ 10 AM EST

Three tones landscape

In this class you are going to practice fast landscape sketch using only three colours. You will be able to compare the result of the same painting done on different types of paper.

Lesson 4

April 9, 2024 @ 10AM EST

Grizal. Colour Theory. Tone Scale. Mountains.

In this lesson we will study the tonal perspective and theory of colour, tone and contrast. You will continue practicing with different types of paper and compare the results.

Lesson 5

April 16, 2024 @ 10 AM EST

Multicoloured wash. Abstract landscape.

In this class you are going to play with different types of washes, using wet-on-wet technique: clean cloudless wash; multicoloured wash; abstract wash.

Lesson 6

April 23, 2024 @ 10 AM EST

Atmospheric wash. Stormy sky.

In this lesson you will practice to create atmospheric wash. You will paint a beautiful minimalistic landscape using all the knowledges from the previous classes.

Student’s work:

Materials that I am going to use during the course;

This list is only for your information, there is no need to get exactly what I am using:

Watercolour paper, per class:

  • A few sheets of Strathmore watercolour paper, 400 series, cellulose, 300gm2 - for explaining the brush work and type of washes;
  • one or two sheets of Strathmore watercolour paper, 500 series, 100% cotton, 300 gm2  - for the class practice;
  • And /or One or two sheets of Arches watercolour paper, cotton, cold press or rough, 300 gm2, size A4; for the class practice;

Watercolour brushes;
- Round # 10-12, # 6 and # 2; Escoda, Dainayw, Paul Rubens; Chinese Line-drawing brush

- flat synthetic brush 11/2 or larger (Grumbacher, Santa Fe Art Supply, Connoisseur ) 

- Liner brush (Princeton, Artist’s Loft)


Watercolour paint:

IMPORTANT; Paint in tubes gives you the best results.

This is the list what I am going to use during this course:

Olive Green

Cerulean Blue 


Burnt Umber

Neutral Tint

Payne’s Grey

Permanent Alizarin Crimson

White Gouache (optional)


White pen, Gelly Roll, 08, Sakura, Japan


COPIC White Opaque

Northern Landscape Palette

Artistic tape;

Watercolour board (the board which you will tape your watercolour paper to) and plexiglass board (any plastic board that the wet paper will stick to); You can use any smooth surface board big enough to place your paper on it; glass, mirror, flat baking sheet. 

Watercolour palette with a large surface for mixing pigments and one 6 wells palette. Alternatively, you can use a white ceramic plate and a few white ramekins, or small jars. 

A Pencil 3H and 2B and Eraser;

Two large jars for water;

Paper towels;

Hair dryer.

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