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Let’s have fun and play with coloured puddles.
Let’s spray, blow and salt them.
Let’s learn how to paint the rain, sun rays, shimmering flower petals.

The techniques that you will be introduced to include:
The basics of negative wash;
The beginners level of colour paddle control;
The basic of technology of “shimmering” negative space.

Get inspired by student’s works:

BASIC package for self-study. 


Video access: Lifetime

30 minutes of video step-by-step tutorial

Materials you will need for this workshop:
⁃ Watercolour paper (100% cotton is preferable) - 1 sheet, size recommend 14x10;
⁃ printer paper for a template;
⁃ Soft round brushes, one big and one small;
⁃ A few ramekins or small flat jars;
⁃ Water spray bottle;
⁃ Table salt;
⁃ Rubbing alcohol;
⁃ Cocktail straw;
⁃ Hair dryer;
⁃ Painter tape;
⁃ Pencil;
⁃ Two jars with water;
⁃ A board slightly larger than your watercolour paper;
⁃ Watercolour paint (any quality, preferable in tubes)
any light yellow of your choice:
any rose/pink/purplish colours of your choice;
any light green colour of your choice;
any dark blue colour of your choice;
⁃ Glass of wine or cocktail (optional).

Materials used in the video tutorial:
Watercolour paper Arches, 300g/m2, cold press, 10x14
Round, squirrel hair, D13mm
Round, wolf hair, D5mm
Lemon Yellow
Cadmium yellow
Transparent Orange
Burnt Sienna
Quinacridone Red
Mineral Violet
Cerulean Blue
Gold Green
Undersea Green
Paynes Grey
Water spray bottle
Rubbing alcohol
Table salt

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