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What sense of the Fall is for you? Can you imagine to be able to capture the sense of these crispy apples in rainy September day?

Please follow the step-by-step tutorial to create your own masterpiece.

Student’s works:

BASIC package for self-study

Video access: Lifetime 
1 h 45 min of video step-by-step tutorial

Materials and tools:

⁃ Watercolour paper (100% cotton is preferable) - 1 sheet, size recommend 14x10; 
⁃ printer paper for a photo reference (optional);

⁃ Soft flat brush (1 1/2 - 2” is recommended);
- Soft round brushes, at least one big and one small;
⁃ Water spray bottle;
⁃ Hair dryer;
⁃ Pencil and eraser;
⁃ Two jars of water;
⁃ A board slightly larger than your watercolour paper, the best is glass, plexiglass, a mirror or anything that wet paper will stick to;

⁃ Watercolour paint (any quality, preferable in tubes)

Colours, my choice is in brackets;
any light yellow (Lemon Yellow, Cadmium Yellow)
any dark yellow (Gamboge Yellow, Quinacridone Gold) any dark red (Indian red)

Any light rusty (Burnt Sienna, Burnt Orange) Any dark brown (Burnt Umber)
any light green (Gold Green)
any green (Sap Green)

any dark green (Seaweed Green) any light blue (Cerulean Blue)
any bright blue (French Ultramarine) any dark blue (Indigo)

any dark grey (Paynes’ Grey and Neutral Tint)

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