Snowdrops. Watercolour workshop. BASIC. All skills level.

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Interactive online workshop for all levels of watercolour skills

BASIC package for online interactive workshop
Lifetime access to 40 minutes detailed video tutorial

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Course Content

In this workshop you will be practising the Ala Prima technique. You will create a beautiful composition of snowdrops flowers with a very dark background. You will practise to use a salt and water drop effect to create the illusion of melting snow.

Meanwhile, please take a peek on what you can study in the video watercolour course “JUST BLOOM”

Student works


Materials that I am going to use during the workshop:

This list is only for your information, there is no need to get exactly what I am using:

Watercolour paper, :

Watercolour brushes;
- Round # 10-12, # 6 and # 2; Escoda, Paul Rubens or Dainayw;

- Flat synthetic brush 3/4 and 1 1/2 or larger (Escoda, Grumbacher, Santa Fe Art Supply, Connoisseur ) 

Calligraphy brush, 5 mm

- Detail brush (Princeton, Artist’s Loft, Escoda)

Artistic tape;

Watercolour board (the board which you will tape your watercolour paper to);

Watercolour palette with a large surface for mixing pigments.  Alternatively, you can use a white ceramic plate. 

A Pencil  2B and Eraser (kneadable);

Two large jars for water;

Paper towels;

Sea sponge (optional);

Sponge (a small pieces approximately 2x2 cm);


Hair dryer


The list of watercolour paint for  "Snowdrops"

Watercolour paint;

Light Yellow (Lemon Yellow, Daniel Smith)

Light Green (Green Gold, Daniel Smith)

Dark Green (Undersea Green, Daniel Smith)

Cobalt (Cobalt Blue, Daniel Smith)

Ultramarine (French Ultramarine, Daniel Smith)

Black Blue (Indigo, Grumbacher)

White Gouache (optional)


COPIC White Opaque

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