Just Bloom. Lesson 1. Snowdrops.

In this lesson you will create a beautiful composition of snowdrops flowers with a very dark background.

The contrast that is created by the delicate almost transparent flowers and the dark air is very often seen in Spring gardens when the temperature is still very cold and the air is “thick” and wet.

What to do before

Please print the template and transfer the image to your watercolour paper.

How to transfer the image:

1. Print it in black/white.

2. Hang the printed image on a big sunny window

3. Tape the watercolour paper over the printed image

4. Trace the image using a soft pencil (2B).

5. Tape the watercolour paper to a board using drafting/artist tape. 

Video tutorial

Please watch the videos first, and then practice your paintings. Do it as many times as you want.

Duration 1 hour 47 minutes

Student work:

The student’s work gallery is coming soon.

The materials list is only for your information, there is no need to get exactly what I am using:

Watercolour paper, per lesson:

Watercolour brushes;
- Round # 10-12, # 6 and # 2; Escoda, Paul Rubens or Dainayw;

- Flat synthetic brush 3/4 and 1 1/2 or larger (Escoda, Grumbacher, Santa Fe Art Supply, Connoisseur ) 

Calligraphy brush, 5 mm

- Detail brush (Princeton, Artist’s Loft, Escoda)

Artistic tape;

Watercolour board (the board which you will tape your watercolour paper to);

Watercolour palette with a large surface for mixing pigments.  Alternatively, you can use a white ceramic plate. 

A Pencil  2B and Eraser (kneadable);

Two large jars for water;

Paper towels;

Sea sponge (optional);

Sponge (a small pieces approximately 2x2 cm);


Hair dryer


The list of watercolour paint for LESSON 1 "Snowdrops"

Watercolour paint;

Light Yellow (Lemon Yellow, Daniel Smith)

Light Green (Green Gold, Daniel Smith)

Moss Green (Olive Green, W&N)

Dark Green (Undersea Green, Daniel Smith)

Bright Dark Blue (Phthalo Blue, Van Gogh)

Cobalt (Cobalt Blue, Daniel Smith)

Ultramarine (French Ultramarine, Daniel Smith)

Black Blue (Indigo, Grumbacher)

Warm Grey (Neutral Tint, Schimske)

White Gouache (optional)


COPIC White Opaque

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