Just Bloom. Lesson 2. Scilla.

In this lesson you learn the basic theory of atmospheric and aerial perspective. You will learn the rules of landscape composition. You will make a few practical exercises to compare how the location of the line of horizon changes the final view and mood of your paintings.

Please read the PDF file “Landscape. Composition and Line of Horizon”. To download click the REFERENCES button above. Practice finding the line of horizon using the practical exercises offered in that PDF file. You will find the answers in the next lesson.

You will practice creating even and gradation washes with different approaches on how to prepare the paper.

You will practise painting an ocean view with a beautiful coast line by creating the illusion of atmospheric perspective. 

Video tutorial

Please watch the videos first, and then practice your paintings. Do it as many times as you want.

Part 1. Exercises. Even wash.

Duration 6 minutes

Part 2. Exercise. Gradation wash.

Duration 7 minutes

Part 3. Watercolour painting. Bonavista.

Duration 1 hour 10 minutes

Student work

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