Just Bloom. Lesson 4. Tulipa.

In this lesson you will practice using cold and warm colours to create the value of subjects that are located at different distances from you.

You will paint the traditional saltbox houses in the fishing village of Salvage.

You are probably curious why these houses calls “salt box” houses?

Originally named for the wooden salt containers commonplace in the era, saltbox houses are typically built from wood and easily spotted by their long, slanted rear roof. … Because of the lower slant off the pitched roof, saltbox homes have two stories in the front of the building and only a single story in the rear.

Biscuit box houses came later. Named after the rectangular boxes used to ship hard biscuits, they are two-storey houses with gentle sloped roofs. The name saltbox may be commonly used, but finding an actual saltbox home is becoming more rare.

Video tutorial

Please watch the videos first, and then practice your paintings. Do it as many times as you want.

Duration 1 hour 17 minutes

Student’s work:

This is the last lesson of the mini course Canadian Landscape course. Newfoundland and Labrador.

I hope you enjoyed it!

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