Workshop 5. Purple Rose. Copy

Watercolour painting of Purple Rose.

Please follow the steps to accomplish this workshop.

The Rose

Student’s work:

Materials and tools: /Recommendation:

Watercolour Paper
(100% cotton preferable) 1 sheet; / Arches, Paul Rubens

Pencils HB and 3H / Any quality

Eraser, kneading one is preferable / Any quality

Round brush, size small / Calligraphy brush

Flat synthetic brush, 3/4” / Escoda

Detail brush, 2mm (optional)  /Escoda

Watercolour board / Any card stock

Artistic tape  /Any white or beige

Hair dryer

Two jars with water

Paper towels



Watercolour paints:

Colours:/ Recommendations:
Light Yellow /Lemon Yellow, Daniel Smith
Bright Pink /Bright Rose, Holbein HWC
Red (optional) /Quinacridone Red, Daniel Smith
Dark Pink /Quinacridone Rose, Daniel Smith
Purple Violet /Permanent Magenta, Daniel Smith
Violet (optional) /Mineral Violet, Daniel Smith
Light Blue /Cerulean, Van Gogh
Blue / Ultramarine, Van Gogh
Bright green / Gold Green, Daniel Smith
or May Green, Daniel Smith
Olive Green (optional) / Olive Green, Van Gogh
Dark Green / Undersea Green, Daniel Smith
or Dusk Yellow, Van Gogh

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