Part 5.4. Composition. Exercise # 4. Pencil sketch. Copy

In this video you will learn how to create your own composition using only one flower. You will use your own sketches of the front, perspective and side view of the daffodil. Please watch the video first and then create your own composition. You might do it a few times. When you are done, choose the best result. Take the a good photo of your work and upload your file at the last part (topic) of this class.

Alternatively, you can download the template from here.

Flowers 5. Daffodils. Template.


Once you decide which template you are going to use for this painting. Please transfer it to your watercolour paper using HARD PENCIL 3H. In the video tutorial I used soft pencil 2B only for better recording visibility results. Therefore you can see the pencil marks on my final painting.

How to transfer the image:

  1. Print it in colour or black/white.
  2. Hang the printed image on a big sunny window
  3. Tape the watercolour paper over the printed image
  4. Trace the image using a hard pencil (3H).
  5. Tape the watercolour paper to the board.

Flowers 5. Daffodils. Watercolour.

Photo reference for your inspirations.

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