Part II.1.2. Special effects. Copy

Get ready to create interesting effects using some ingredients from your kitchen pantry. Chemistry Lab on your working table!

Watch the video first, and then experiment with your paper. Do it as many times as you want, using different pigments and different types of paper.
When done, choose the best result. Take a good photo of your work and upload your file at the last part (topic) of this lesson.

The effects will depend mostly on the quality of your paper and pigments.

Compare the next two images.

The first image shows the result on Strathmore 400 series cellulose paper with Cerulean Blue (Van Gogh), Ultramarine (Van Gogh), Indigo (Grambacher), Undersea Green (Daniel Smith).

Strathmore 400 series, 100% cellulose

The second image shows the results on The Bee Paper company, 100% cotton paper, with Ultramarine (Daniel Smith) and Undersea Green (Daniel Smith).

The Bee Paper Company, 100% cotton

Additionally for this class you need to get ready: different types of salt; vinegar; rubbing alcohol; citric acid; glycerine; Magic eraser; sea sponge or any type of sponge or paper towel.

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