Part II.3.4. Wild Rose. Mood and atmosphere. Colour palette. Template. Copy

OVAS Flowers II 3 Wild Rose Reference

In this video we will talk about how to set up the mood in your painting.

In this video I will show you the colour palette that I am going to use for this painting. You can use the same, or you can choose any colour combination to create the unique atmosphere in your painting.


OVAS Flowers II.3. Wild Rose Template

Please print the template and transfer the image to your watercolour paper.
How to transfer the image:

  1. Print it in colour or black/white.
  2. Hang the printed image on a big sunny window
  3. Tape the watercolour paper over the printed image
  4. Trace the image using a hard pencil (3H).
  5. Tape the watercolour paper to the board.

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