References and Templates. Copy

In this topic you will find ALL references and templates for the course. You might want to print them all at once.

Also, you will be able to download them at the first topic of each lesson.

Lesson 1. Types of paintings. Special effects.

Lesson 2. Masking liquid. Daisy.

Lesson 3. Negative space. Multi-layered wash. Mood and Atmosphere. Wild Rose.

Lesson 4. Alternative wash. Orchid.

Lesson 5. Ala Prima. Pansy.

Lesson 6. Portrait. Rose.

When you have downloaded everything you need, please “Mark Complete” (green button) and click under it on “Back to Lesson” link.
When you will be at the Lesson/Workshop page, please “Mark Complete” and click “Next Lesson” (blue button).

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