Markers. Lesson 2. Value and shapes. Food sketch. Copy

In this lesson you will learn the followings:

  • Basic techniques of blending colours; basic, dots, blobs, smudges and sharp edges

You will do a few practical exercises:

  • Value and texture study, balls
  • Exercise: Donuts


  • exercise: Ice Cream

What to do before

For classwork:

  • Please print and transfer the reference image to your paper: template “Donuts”;
  • Please make ready 1-2 sheets of paper for practicing exercises;
  • PLUS on an additional sheet of paper draw four circles (about 5 cm). I outlined a bottom of tea cup to create four circles.
OVAS Markers Value study

For homework :

  • Please print and transfer the reference image to your paper: template “Ice Cream”.

How to transfer the image:

1. Print it in black/white

2. Hang the printed image on a big sunny window or use a light table

3. Tape or alight the paper over the printed image

4. Trace the image using a marker 0.5 mm (or MUJI pen 0.38mm)

Video tutorial

Please watch the videos first, and then practice your paintings. Do it as many times as you want.

When done, choose the best result. Take a good photo of your work.
Make sure you take a photo during day hours with diffused light to avoid shadows.
Please ensure your images are cropped to show only the painting.
Do not include mats, frames or backgrounds of any kind.

Upload your result in the window below under COURSE CONTENT.
The file can not be deleted by you once it uploaded.

Thank you!

Part 1. Blenders

Duration 4 m

Part 2. Blending Techniques

Duration 31 m

Part 3. Value study

Duration 20 m

Part 4. Practical exercise “Donuts”

Duration 59 m

Part 5. Practical exercise “Ice Cream”

Duration 28 m

Student’s work:

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