References and Templates.

In this topic you will find ALL references and templates for the course. You might want to print them all at once. Also, you will be able to download them at the first topic of each lesson.

Lesson 1. Line of horizon. Frontal and aerial perspective. Line. Stroke. Tone. 

Please print the next 3 images (Image 1; Images 2 and Image 3); or you could draw a small simplified copy of them in your notebook. 

These images only for the theory part.  You might want to take some notes during the theory part of the class.

Exercises for pencil strokes practicing:

Exercises for Aerial Perspective:

Lesson 2. Sphere. Cylinder. Still life composition.

Part 1. Sphere.

Photo references:

Part 2. Cylinder.

Photo references:

Lesson 3. Cube. Still life composition.

Photo References:

Lesson 4. Theory of Holes. Shadows.

Theory of Holes.

Theory of Holes. Practical exercise.

Photo References:

Pencil works:

Lesson 5. Drapery.

Lesson 6. Flowers. Bouquet. Still life composition. 

Floral Bouquet Composition Theory.

Classwork 1. Magnolia.

Classwork 2. Tulips in a glass vase.

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