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Interactive online workshop for all levels of watercolour skills.


BASIC package for online interactive workshop.
Lifetime access to 40 minutes detailed video tutorial.

In this workshop you will be practising the Ala Prima technique. You will study the basic rules of tonal perspective and how to create the illusion of distance and how to”infuse” air into your painting.

Student work

Materials and tools:

⁃ Watercolour paper (100% cotton is preferable) - 1 sheet;
⁃ printer paper for a photo reference (optional);

- Soft round brushes, at least one big and one small;

-  synthetic flat brush, one big and one medium;

⁃ Hair dryer;
⁃ Pencil and eraser;
⁃ Two jars of water;
⁃ A  water-resistance board slightly larger than your watercolour paper (plexiglass, glass, mirror, cooking sheet, plastic placemat)

⁃ Watercolour paint (any quality, preferable in tubes)

Colours, my choice is in brackets;

any ecru (Buff Titanium)
any yellow (Yellow Ochre)

any rusty (Indian Red and Burt Sienna)

any blue (Ultramarine)

any dark blue (Indigo)

any dark grey (Paynes’ Grey and Neutral Tint)

White Gouache or White COPIC