Abstract Landscape. ZOOM. 6 weeks. January 23, 2023 @ 7 PM EST Montreal

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ZOOM package for online study with full teacher support. 
START Monday January 23, 2023 @ 7 PM EST 

6 ZOOM classes with private access to class video recordings; 
6 homework reviews (text or video) 
6 + paintings 
12 + practical exercises.  

Video access: 
6 weeks with teacher support 
Lifetime for self-studying



You can choose to pay deposit now and the outstanding balance by January 31, 2023

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Materials that you need for this course:

Materials that you need for this course:

Watercolour paper:

You can use any quality watercolour paper. For the best result my recommendation is to use 100% cotton watercolour paper. You will need from 2 to 5 sheets of paper per class.

For the class demonstrations the Arches Rough or Cold Press surface will be used.


Watercolour paint:

The colour palette you can choose by yourself depending on your preferences. The recommendation is watercolour paint in tubes.

My colour palette:

Lemon Yellow

Cadmium Yellow

Burnt Sienna

Burnt Umber

Quinacridone Red

Cerulean Blue


Delpht Blue



Olive Green

Green Gold


Pyroline Green

Undersea Green

Neutral Tint

Payne’s Grey


Paint with granulated effect:

Van Gogh line: Dusk Green; Dusk Purple; Dusk Yellow

Schminske line:  Glacier Blue

Daniel Smith line:  Lunar Violet, Lunar Black


White Gouache  or Dr. Ph.Martin’s Bleed Proof White

and Gelly Roll Pen, White



Brush round, 10-13 mm

Husk Brush, 4-5 cm

Calligraphy brush, 5 mm

Detail brush, 2 mm

Palette knife (metal)

Pencil and eraser


Plexiglass board, you can use any surface that wet paper will stick to (mirrow, glass, cooking sheet etc)

Two jars with water

Spray bootle with water


Additional materials:

Masking liquid

Candle wax (a small piece of white candle)

Sponge (kitchen sponge)

Sea sponge

Paper towels

Cord or heavy sewing thread (30-40 cm)

Salt, a pinch

Citric acid (optional)

Ribbing alcohol

Food wrap

Bubble wrap

Plastic table cloth for protection of your working surface











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